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Established in 1951, the Estonian Central Council in Canada (EKN) is a national organization of 40 elected members and 6 ex-officio members, including leaders of various religious denominations, former members of the Estonian parliament, and other members of the community.

The Council is recognized as the national organization representing the ethno-cultural community by the three levels of government in Canada and by Canadian citizens of Estonian heritage.

Prior to 1991, the Council focussed on helping Estonia regaining its independence, human rights violations in Soviet occupied Estonia and the cultural aspirations of the Canadian Estonian community.

Since Estonia regained its independence, the Council concentrates on strengthening cultural, trade and other relations between Canada and Estonia. It also keeps the Estonian heritage and culture vibrant in Canada by helping organize various meetings, conferences and events to achieve this goal.

The Council is also instrumental in bringing together Canadian business people, students, and representatives of various interest groups with their counterparts in Estonia.